Lingerie Care Guide


Our helpful guide to caring for your intimates

We suggest hand washing all our lingerie as this helps to maintain the fabric and any delicate embroidery. We know it’s a bit of a drag but in the long term you will be able to wear your favourite bra for longer and it may save you money.

  • Fill up the sink with cold water and we advise using some hand wash like Soak.
  • Put a suitable amount into the water and then place your bra(s) into the sink. Wash like coloured bras together.
  • Let the bras soak for a few minutes before rinsing them out.
  • Then it is best to gently press the bra into a folded towel to squeeze out any excess water. You can then lay the bra(s) out to dry. Never wring out a bra as you can damage it.




We advise against machine-washing your bras as it can snag on other garments in the wash and they can also distort the shape of the bra. It is also best to dry naturally as a dryer will break down the elastic in the bra and it will loose shape and stretch. Knickers can be machine-washed if preferred but on a low temperature and it is best to wash them in a lingerie bag for extra protection.


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